Jodie resther all you mean to me is everything

Along the way, their ship is attacked by ghost of Avram citizens. The Trix and Ancient Witches also travel to Avram. Oritel reads Sky's letter, discovering why he called off the wedding. The team learns that Erendor broke the hourglass, releasing the pollen and forming a seedling. Trying to get to the middle of Avram, Bloom and Sky get separated from the others, who make it to the seedling. The Trix and company also make it to the plant, and try to destroy it. Bloom and Sky arrive, and restore the seedling, which restores their powers. The Ancient Witches then merge with their Trix counterparts and attack the Winx. King Oritel and King Erendor arrive to aid the Winx in their battle against the witches but Icy manages to kill King Erendor when he sacrifices himself to protect Bloom. The Winx defeat the Trix and destroy the Ancestral Witches with a Believix Convergence. King Oritel reveals that he had collected some of the pollen from the seedling and sprinkles it on Erendor, bringing him back to life. King Oritel apologizes to Sky and gives Bloom and Sky his blessing on their engagement. Bloom and Sky reconcile as the city begins to revive around them. They imprison the Trix once again and fly back to Eraklyon's main city together.

In order to gather info about voice actors only the credits from the show will be used at the current time. No third party sources or anything else will be used. There is a few things to mention about credits. One is that for most of the Arthur seasons, the credits are the same for the entire season. However, from Season 14 and on, credits vary from episode to episode reflecting the characters that appeared in it.

Jodie Resther All You Mean To Me Is EverythingJodie Resther All You Mean To Me Is EverythingJodie Resther All You Mean To Me Is EverythingJodie Resther All You Mean To Me Is Everything